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By: TJ


Create a car that will satiate my desire for boost, while at the same time giving me the experience of building a track project.


Because I am the only one of the group that does not use this car as my daily driver, my only limitations are the size of my wallet. The plan is to make a car that is competent in competition, whether it be auto-x, street, or track events. Unlike conforming to a certain class the original plan was not auto-x, so wherever the car lands within their set of rules is the class that I will be racing the car. The car will still be a street vehicle but not the one that will be my only means of transportation. I, unlike others, have already had the first commandment of auto racing and modification instilled into my brain. That rule is…”Don’t F*&K with your daily driver”


The Story So Far:
A fascination with the [then] growing drifting scene spawned the genesis of this project. Because the 240sx seemed to be one of the preferred beginner platforms, this is where the story started. I purchased a 1990 240SX with the SOHC KA24E in it and a blown clutch. $110 and a few hours later I had a drivable car.  The original plan was to set the car up with more horsepower, better suspension in order to try my hand at drifting, (as quite a few 240 owners are starting to do). The simplest of upgrades in horsepower would be to swap in the ever popular SR20DE-T from the JDM Silvia. After weighing the options of buying a motor set and the labor of a swap, also the rarity of some parts and the abundance of SR swapped 240's, I began to look for that "different" route that some like to take. It wasn't until I read an article featured in Hot Compacts and Imports (HCI) that my decision for a KA24DE-T was set in stone. The research i had done led me to find that for the same amount of money for an SR swap I could have a built KA-T that would potentially make more horsepower. KA vs. SR argument aside, I began work on gathering the components for the engine swap and turbo install. Being paired with the knowledge of a handful of hot-rodders, I made a list of all the things I would need and want. Having never done this before I learned where I needed to pay close attention to detail and order quality parts, and what I could skimp on. Example being, I bought the cheapest turbo manifold I could find (because all manifolds will eventually crack) but I needed to get quality fasteners from ARP. Armed with veteran knowledge and a shop full of tools I began the build in July 2006 when I purchased a spare KA24DE engine to tear down and rebuild. The block was machined and rebuilt and placed on an engine stand for planning the turbo mission. Once all planning was exhausted it was time to get the motor in the car so that the final plumbing and wiring could be figured out. In May 2007 the car was taken down and the SOHC removed to make room for the DOHC motor. With the new motor in place the wiring and plumbing were completed and as of July 2009 the motor is running strong and the car has been in 2 auto-x competitions. Full details can be found on the mod list (top of page).